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How to sell your home during the winter

Sell home during winter

Moving home is usually prioritised in the New Year, so even in the current circumstances, you might be surprised by the high demand during January and February. There also tends to be fewer properties on the market, therefore less competition. So we’ve rounded up 5 simple tips on selling your home this winter.


1. Make sure it’s warm and cosy

If you’re out at work all day, set the heating to come on before a scheduled visit. It will help potential buyers feel comfortable in your home, and show that your central heating works as well. If you don’t normally have the radiators turned on in particular rooms, make sure they’re turned up while you’re selling your home.


2. Maximise the natural light

Natural light always makes your home appear brighter and more welcoming. Try to arrange viewings during the daytime before it gets dark. Of course natural light is much more limited during the winter, so maximise this by ensuring your windows are clean and dusting the light fixtures.


3. Give your property a winter face lift

Spruce up your home and make sure any problems that are more prominent in the winter are fixed prior to putting the house on the market, such as a damp or fault boiler. Check gutters and drain covers are cleared of leaves and debris.

It’s also worthwhile to spend time on your garden:

  • Cover garden furniture or tuck it away
  • Cut the grass and cut back anything that’s overgrown
  • Make sure all pathways aren’t slippery
  • Remove weeds, moss and other debris

4. Add a festive touch

Make your house as inviting as possible with some Christmas decorations – buyers will probably love the festive feel. But don’t go overboard. A cinnamon-scented diffuser and a tastefully decorated Christmas tree could be all your need, or you could even go the extra mile and display some mince pies.

5. Choose the right estate agent

If your property is on the market over the Christmas break, you’ll need to make sure your agent is on hand to answer enquiries. It’s important to choose an estate agent with good availability through December. At Shires, we are only closed from the 24th to 28th of December, then again on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, meaning we are here to assist you, even over the Christmas period.