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Top 10 Tips for Selling Your House in 2017

If you’re planning on selling your home in 2017, just a few small steps could make the difference between it flying off the shelves or lingering on the market for months. To help you sell you home, and get the best price possible for it at the same time, here are our top ten tips for selling your home in 2017.

1. Clear the clutter

In general, buyers find clutter unappealing. Homes that are packed full of furniture, ornaments and personal belongings can feel cramped, overcrowded and unwelcoming. To give your property the best chance of selling in 2017, clear out as much clutter as possible and present your prospective buyers with a blank slate.

Clear the clutter

2. Dry the damp

If there’s any damp or mould clearly visible in your home, now’s the time to get it sorted. Just the smell of damp alone can be enough to put buyers off, so make sure you resolve the issue before you start showing your home.

3. Know your target market

A little bit of research should reveal who’s most likely to buy your home. Once you know if you’re selling to a family, a professional couple, retirees or an investor, it will be easier to dress your property appropriately.

Know your target market

4. Price it right

Following the Brexit vote and the introduction of new stamp duty rules for second homes, the UK property market has been a little unpredictable. Though the price crash that many predicted hasn’t happened, buyers are still a little more cautious than they have been in previous years so it’s crucial you get your asking price spot on.

5. Turn the heating on

Most buyers will make up their mind about a property within the first few seconds. To make sure they get a welcoming feel from your home, turn on the radiators and make your house as cosy as possible.

6. Shed some light on it

Turning on all the lights in your house will also help to create a welcoming feel. So even if it’s sunny outside, switch on all your lamps before buyers come to visit.

7. Say it with flowers

Place some freshly cut flowers in vases around your house to give it a splash of colour and to make the space feel loved.

Say it with flowers

8. Put on a brew

Smell is an incredibly powerful sense and the odours in your home will have an instant impact on how buyers view it. Get some coffee brewing before your buyers arrive to get your home smelling great.

9. Remove bulky items

Putting a few of your larger pieces of furniture in storage while you’re selling your home will help to make your property appear less cluttered and more spacious. Think about removing old sofas, large wardrobes and big tables from the space to give your buyers a little more room to manoeuvre.

10. Curb appeal

Give your home more curb appeal by repainting your front door, pressure washing your drive and weeding your front garden. This will help your property create a great first impression and could help it sell even faster.

For more tips on selling your home in 2017, or to arrange a valuation, contact us today.