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Top tips on preparing your property for photos or videos to be taken

With buyers becoming encouraged to initially conduct viewings of properties online and virtually, it is becoming even more important for sellers to make that vital ‘good first impression’ of their home. Spending time in preparing it to be photographed or filmed is crucial. So here are some top tips to help sellers do this:

Objects and clutter

One person’s tidy is another person’s bomb site. Of course you will have tidied up on account of the photo shoot, but it just might not be clutter-free enough. Keep all surfaces minimised with items. You could even remove surplus pieces of furniture to create a feeling of more space.

Don’t forget the detail

  • Try to make your kitchen look as pristine as possible
  • Plump up all cushions and pillows and beds should be neatly made
  • In the dining room, the table should either be laid formally or completely clear
  • In the bathroom, fold towels neatly and remove toiletries
  • Toilet seats should also always be down!

Tend to the garden

Make sure the garden looks well kept and is clear of anything unsightly such as weeds or rubbish bins. Also wipe down any outdoor furniture.

Think like a buyer

Consider what features of your home will be most important to the potential buyer. Most will begin imagining themselves living there. For example, if it’s marketed as a family home, it’s important to present it like that. Focus on making sure any playroom or children’s bedrooms are presented well. Tidy away toys and make sure the beds look neat.

Consider the changed priorities of some buyers due to the impact of Covid-19

Bigger kitchens, a space to work from home and bigger outside areas are becoming much more important now. You could consider ‘staging’ a spare room as an office, or rejig the garden to create a nice patio/decking area.